A Lesson on Generosity

It’s been crazy busy lately. Believe me, I have never been this busy all my life. It’s good to finally breathe though after so much to consider doing. I sort of expected it to be this way right at the beginning of the year, but I guess it’s true what they say that it’s really different when you are already there experiencing the real thing.

Well, it all started with the idea that since I’m celebrating my 10th year in teaching this year, I would allow myself to be extra generous of myself and what I could possibly share to other people. I just wanted my year really to be super productive and fulfilling in the end. So what happened was, a part from my regular work load in school (teaching & HOD role), I volunteered to teach Music (mainly basic Music theory and playing piano) to students who were keen to stay after school to learn Music with me. I get to see them for at least an hour, sometimes two, for five time a week. I had seven students. Haha. I also volunteered to help out in preparing for the 60th Anniversary of the Catholic Church here in Niue. They appointed me as secretary of the steering committee, which was heavy load by the way because I had to do all the paper work here and there, the documentation and the like. And that was not it… I volunteered to come up with a magazine and (crazy really) a documentary, both to be released on the day of the Church Anniversary — how crazy was that? Well, that was not it because, to top it all up, I also decided to enroll for masters this year which I’m doing online with the University of South Pacific. And did I mention that my sister decided to get married this year, and since I’m the only family she’s got here in Niue, I would have to help her organize her wedding? Hahaha! Just imagine the pressure. Haaay… I’m so glad I’m still alive after all that.

But hey, I was so glad I did all of that. If our internet was just faster than usual today, I would have included some photos in this post. It would have been really nice to show you how beautiful the experience was for me. That despite the hardship, the pressures, and the feeling of being twitched and pulled in every direction, there was a feeling of fulfillment in the end, that feeling of satisfaction, of productiveness. I also felt blessed and greatly rewarded after all that. I met people from different walks of life, heard there stories, and made friends with them. The wedding of my sister, which I thought would become a disaster knowing that we are too far from our family and friends back home (Philippines), turned out to be really delightful because of new-found-friends who volunteered to help us make the wedding a success. Oh my, it’s unbelievable what the Universe (God) could possibly give back to you in return for the little kindness and generosity that you do.

Dearest, Lord
teach us to be generous
teach us to serve you as we should
to give and not to count the cost
to fight and not to heed the wounds
to toil and not to seek for rest
to labor and not ask for reward
say that of knowing that we are doing
Your most holy will.

~ Prayer of St. Ignatius of Loyola

By the way, Happy Anniversary to me!

Mantra for the Week


A friend of mine shared this on Facebook, and I thought it would be a really good mantra for me this week. You might also like it, so I’m putting it up here just in case.

I reckon this is a good reminder for all of us as we do forget about this sometimes especially on occasions when we’re clouded by anger, frustration, jealousy, or greed. It would especially be difficult to do this with our enemies, but hey, let’s challenge ourselves.

I remember a friend relating to me an incident that happened inside a big mall in the Philippines. A stranger came to her and tried to talk to her, but her mind was preoccupied with so many things she ended up ignoring him. A couple of minutes later, she heard people screaming — the stranger decided to end his life by jumping off the railing. He was dead on the spot.

“I should have talked to him,” my friend said to me. “Now, it’s too late.”

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