Miss you, friends!

It’s been a while, and I miss blogging so much. I’m still busy with school work though… tons and tons of them. 😦

I’ve also been busy with the concert for a cause I organised for Philippine’s Haiyan affected areas. We danced and sang our hearts out and were able to raise a huge amount — over 10,000 dollars. Thanks to the kind and generous hearts of the Niueans and our friends here in Niue. I’ll try to write a post about it when I’m freer.

Anyway, here’s a haiku written by a 15 year old student of mine. Hope you’ll like it. Thanks HD Wallpapers for the photo below.


I take it gently
Those cotton candy filled lips
My dreams have come true


Three Liebster Awards Now


Won’t be blogging for a couple of days, my friends. Have to focus on some school work. I need to start planning for next school year as early as now — won’t have time during the holidays as I am set to go home and see my family. I am so excited. Six more weeks to go and I’m going to see them again after three long years.

I’m also writing a song with Kat, so I’m going to really need some extra time. When I come back, that song will be my first post for all of you.

I have been nominated by two lovely bloggers — Sue and Sweetness for the Liebster Award. Please click the links and check their beautiful blogs.

I understand that there are things to be done when an award is given — some duties. I shall fulfill those when I come back.

Thank you all for your friendship. I’ll be back! 🙂

Songwriting Mode!


Hi, my friends! Here’s a Facebook App I discovered this morning. If you have not used it before, try it. It’s called Bitstrips from www.bitstrips.com

It’s an app that allows you to create comic strips like that image I posted above. You get to see yourself in action. Isn’t that cool? LOL.

I enjoyed creating my own avatar this morning. You’ll discover a lot about yourself while doing it. Believe me, it’s super FUN!

I’m in the process of writing a song with Kat! Check her out at Addercatter.

A blessed week everyone!

And oh! Thanks for my 500th LIKE! Love you all!


My 50th Post!

Hello, my friends! Yes, I’m on my 50th post now. And thanks to all of you (100 followers now), I enjoyed my first two months of stay here at WordPress. What a beautiful community! You inspire me so much!

For my 50th post, I’m going to share to you another wedding song I’ve composed for my best-friend. This friend of mine is a bit interesting because she is not your lady-like type of a bride. If I was to compare her to a Disney character, I would liken her to Mulan. She has a mind of her own, very independent, a woman of few words, and has the tendency to be dominant in a relationship. When I interviewed her for this song, she showed me a little bit of that other side of Mulan — that soft side of her. She told me about how happy she was that finally someone has taken the courage to ask her hand for marriage. “It hasn’t been easy,” she said “as I needed someone who can over power me and make me feel like a woman.” She told me about how she has had enough of being the strong one, the bread winner, the one who plans and tries to solve every problem — “This time, I want to be taken care of.”

Well, my friends, my best-friend is now happily married to a soldier. It’s unfortunate that I could not attend her wedding, but I made sure that I was there in spirit. So I wrote a song which she could sing during the exchange of vows. I had to sing it in her key in this rough recording. Ooppss, I forgot to tell you that I could sing like a woman. It’s a gift that God has given to me according to my mom, so I nurtured it and kept it intact. My choral conductors before always assign me to sing with the altos especially when they needed lighter altos to glide with the sopranos. They would call me “counter tenor” — a male singer that sings alto. Well, hope you enjoy the song. It’s a short one, but sweet. Here’s the lyrics:

As Long As You’re There

I believe in you and me
I believe in what we can ever be
I have my fears, my doubts, and my imperfections
But I’ll be alright
I can face our tomorrow
As long as you’re there

I can see a life together with you
‘cause when you’re around,
I feel safe and secured
You give me light
You give me hope
You make me see things clearly
I am myself when I’m with you

‘Cause you are everything to me
You’re my sun, and I’m your moon
So today, I give you my sweetest “I do”
I love you
Yes, I do

I believe in you and me
I believe in what we can ever be
I have my fears, my doubts, and my imperfections
But I’ll be alright
I can face our tomorrow
As long as you’re there


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