Sharing My Thoughts on Dealing with Kids

* Written in response to “Easy? No. Kids today do not have it easy.” in The Matt Walsh Blog.

Hi. Hope you don’t mind me sharing my thoughts.

I agree. I think it’s not fair to say that the kids of today are pampered and ‘having it easy.’ It’s a much more complicated world we are having today, and clearly we have forgotten about the more important things in life.

I’m no parent like you Matt, but I teach kids so I’ll respond as a teacher. As regards protecting kids, I think we can only do as much. We don’t have full control over their lives. What we can do however is teach them to understand what’s really happening so they know the pros and the cons, and hopefully know where to stand. That way our kids are more grounded and firm as you are — I bet you have parents, relatives, or teachers who taught you well on being mindful and conscious about what’s going on in the world, and of course, choosing what is moral and just. But then again, at end of the day, it was you who decided to be who you are.

I support you on the importance of FAMILY and FAITH. I remember having dinner with my family every night when I was growing up. We would begin with a prayer thanking God for another day. Then we would eat and talk about our day, what we thought went well and what didn’t. We talked about issues here and there, and it was a good exercise because I didn’t feel like I was being dictated to do only this and not that. When they turned down some of my requests, they made sure I perfectly understood why. I was also given a chance to speak-out and tell them my views and insights while I also listen to theirs.I know they were trying to embrace me with their love, but it wasn’t too tight to get me suffocated.

Some important seeds they planted in me, however, were essential:

*The importance of LISTENING and being open to new ideas
*The importance of RESPECT and OBEDIENCE
* and the importance of PATIENCE, EMPATHY (putting yourself in their shoes), and UNDERSTANDING

To live with Joy

I encourage everyone to say this out loud:


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Something To Remember!

Dwell not
On things
You cannot

Focus instead
On what’s at hand
And the many things
You can do
To make changes

Let Met Fly Again


I have been away, I know
Something inside longs to see you
As though this tree —
worn out,
leaflessly spreading it’s arms upward


I’m peering from beneath
Seeing little streaks of light

It’s dark
It’s suffocating

Looking up
I yearn to feel
The warmth of your embrace


It’s time I come out
From this cave of doom


Lead me, Lord
Lead me out
And let me fly freely again

This is ME

I’ve been taking baby steps
Opening myself to you

My friend,
This is ME

I’m not gonna lie
Hoping to keep you

This is ME
Let me sing for you

One with Nature

One with Nature

Being in communion with Nature
as Nature knows it all
Nature heals
and takes away
what’s past
Nature joins us together
as we are one with Him

*Written in response to Ancient Warrior in JohnCoyote.
*Photo is linked to Ancient Warrior post.


Who You Are, Is Okay!

I took some time to pause from work this week, sat down with my buddy, and watched “Glee” season four (4) together. We’re on a school break for two weeks anyway, so I’m taking some time to enjoy.  Wait! Glee season 4? Just now…? Oh yes — the whole season in fact! If you are where I am right now, you will understand why.

Anyway, while I was watching the whole thing, I realized how I’m missing out on a lot of things already. I mean I’m not just talking about ‘Glee’ and the other equally beautiful TV programs — I’m talking about the whole world at large. I’m missing out on the new songs, the newest expressions, fashion. I’m talking about the newest trends and the interesting ways people express themselves.

Don’t get me wrong though. This is not about island life and the simplicity of life here. It’s about me lacking the effort to get in touch with the world. I miss the city life though where it is so effortless to see and notice all these new things.

Take for example this beautiful song entitled, “You Have More Friends Than You Know.” Written by Mervyn Warren and Jeff Marx and featured in Sweet Dreams, the nineteenth episode of Glee Season Four, the song talks about how friends can be there to show support and to make us feel better from everything that we are going through. This is immediately expressed in the first few lines of the song — “We feel, we hear, your pain, your fear.” To be honest, these lines struck me right away. It felt as though the song was written for me.  I looked it up online and I found out that although the song was sung in the context of ‘Glee’ and how rough things could get when preparing for competitions, the song was actually written for and commissioned by It Gets Better project for a touring stage production about the bullying of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. No wonder I could relate so much to the lyrics of the song saying “But we’re here, to say, who you are, is okay.”

IMG_1926My friends, it does feel good to hear someone say that. It feels good to know that I am okay. That I’m not some kind of an abnormality in this world. That my being different is beauty and not a plague nor a disease needed to be treated. I am that flower standing amidst tall grasses. That moon surrounded by stars at night. I am sunrise and sunset, rising and setting through the clouds. Yes, I am different but beautiful in your eyes.

The song goes on by saying, “And you don’t have to go through this on your own. You’re not alone.” These are beautiful words of assurance that as I rise and set, you will be there to celebrate life with me with no traces of awkwardness, sadness, hate, nor pity. Sadly though, not all would support this. But that’s alright. We cannot please everyone. As the song suggests, “Don’t let go, give it time, take it slow. Those who love you the most may need more time to grow.”

I am not saying that I am perfect. That I don’t commit mistakes, and that everything that gays do is good in the eyes of God. All I’m saying here is that like anyone in this world, I’m also on a journey towards discovering who I really am. And besides, according to the song, “It’s not about how you love. It’s about how you live.”

To the other flowers like me:

Be brave,
Be strong
It’s gonna be okay
You have more friends than you know

*Listen to the song:

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My Second Reader Appreciation Award


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A Song for You, My Friend

Let me borrow
the words of Elton John —
I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is
While you’re in the world

*Yes, that’s me singing… 😉

Those Moments…


Those moments
When you need someone
By your side
No words
Just gestures

Someone not afraid of silence
Free from internal noise
Who’d stop for you
And make you feel comforted
Who’d let you lean on his shoulders
And give you the warmest of smiles

There is immense silence
But no feeling of awkwardness
You’d find yourself staring at a blank wall
You feel like crying

A tear finally falls
That heavy feeling inside

A gentle pat you’d feel
“It’s alright…it’s alright”

Big SIGHhhh


*Written in response to INCOMPLETE WORDS in A Shade of Pen.

*Photo, not mine — thank you to whoever took this!

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