Having Faith in People

If you have been reading my posts, you would pick up somewhere that this Mockingbird you are reading is a teacher at heart. Well, I don’t consider myself an excellent one. Hmm… Maybe, I should rethink that bit. You see, I’ve never really liked to praise myself a lot… Well, I think this attitude has to change if I’d really want to become better as a person — someone who is not missing out on a lot of things only because he’s shy, not confident, and too humble to assert at life.

Recently, I have been in touch with friends from home who were also my former teaching colleagues. I’ve spent glorious times with these friends doing great things for the school we have come to love so well — Sorry, I won’t mention the name. Anyway, I was taken aback when they started describing to me how they feel so down and unappreciated and pressured and so on and so forth. It was surprising because these were the people I’ve known to be super enthusiastic about what they do. They never complain about anything — they just work! The problem must be really huge — they can’t take it anymore. And what’s more alarming, one of them is thinking of quitting.

I thought things have changed back home. Well, I had faith in the new leader for he was kind to me and nice. Turns out, he has turned to dictation just like the old one. I remember resigning in 2008 for having seen enough of politics and power tripping. That was a shocking news — three teachers rated outstanding left the school. Well, I wouldn’t have resigned had I been dealt with truthfully, fairly, and with care.

Yesterday, my colleague came to me and suggested that we give some of the groups from Year 10 (who are working on their plays at the moment) an ultimatum. That if they don’t change and show improvement in attitude, their group gets dissolved and each one of them will get individual work to do. I said to him, “I think it’s too early to say that.” I went to the group he was pertaining to and sat down with them. I have realized that some of the members in that group have been listed in our ‘at risk students’ list in school. Their director was absent, so I decided to stay with them for the rest of the period. I started asking questions about who the characters were, what they do, why they were important in the play — I asked a gazillion of questions. Then we started reading the lines. I told them how important it is to put character into their voice so it would sound interesting especially to their young audience. They assigned me the role of an old tour guide who apparently knew a lot about old civilizations, so I tried to sound like an old man touring them around the museum; and they liked it. I saw them engaged trying to throw their lines as enthusiastically as they could. After sometime with them, I decided to give them sometime to talk as a group and continue with planning. When I was about to stand, turning my head, I saw my colleague looking at us, and he was smiling. I bet he understood what I was trying to do.

I think that what people really need from us in order for them to become good at what they do is our trust and faith that they will succeed and make it. We need to be positive and make them feel that they have our full support and that no matter what happens, we will be there to help them and guide them through. Gone are the days when people live to prove their worth. Now is the time to start reforming how people think of living in this world. For this world is not meant for competition. This world is meant for loving and living for one another.


Please respond. I'd like to know what you think about this post.

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